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Wrestle For A Reason:


Wrestling is more than just a sport, it is what defines you.  You are a wrestler, and wrestling is a mindset. Either you have it or you don't.  There is no middle ground, no partial investments, and no being a “kinda” wrestler.  You have to be all in, 100% vested, and a different kind of kid!  Wrestling allows you complete control to write your own narrative.  Wrestle as if your life depends on it. That somehow, through the cutting weight, relentless hours of training, painful defeats and thrilling victories, sacrificed holidays and weekends, that somehow wrestling is more than just a sport.  It is wrestling that defines your character, integrity, discipline, work ethic, and your relentless pursuit to be the best, both on and off the mat.  Wrestle not for victories, but to understand just how far you can push yourself.  For it is wrestling that taught you how to set goals and work towards achieving them, and that “limitless” is more than just a word, but now your personal battle cry!!!  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this world, and things we must overcome in our minds.  Wrestle because there is no room to be the victim.  Make no excuses.  Create your own destiny.  Wrestle to turn you're good into great.  Wrestle as if no one is watching.  Wrestle with such intensity and passion that others resolve to the fact that they truly could not do what you do.  Wrestle knowing that you are part of a very select, but very powerful community.  Wrestle for a reason; a reason that is good, but a reason that keeps you up at night with wild anticipation and hunger to get after it again tomorrow. Wrestle to prepare your body, heart and soul to be a champion for life!


About Us

C2X Wrestling Academy will be a place where character is fostered, hard work is demanded, and glory is fought for every day!!!!


​C2X is a wrestling academy for students of all ages and experience. C2X coaches are committed to teaching our students wrestling fundamentals through proper technique, all aspects of conditioning, and a commitment to excellence in their training, their school work, their relationships, and the way they carry themselves on and off the mat! C2X will allow for year round wrestling and help our student athletes prepare for middle school, high school, and college wrestling. Our students will be the best conditioned athletes for any sport they participate in. Our students will gain valuable match experience in the room, and through tournaments hosted by C2X. We will look to build a C2X “Showcase” wrestling team to take on the road to top tournaments. The best way to develop as a future champion is to gain valuable match experience, train and drill properly, and wrestle top notch competition on a daily basis.


C2X curriculum will be high energy, but tailored to the individual needs of the particular athlete.  Sessions will consist of precise technique, drilling with a purpose, conditioning, and live wrestling.  Some sessions will consist of working on our feet, drilling a variety of take downs with proper set ups and shots, head position, proper riding, pinning combinations, set ups, hand control, and improving our students wrestling IQ’s.



The cornerstone of your club will undoubtedly be the coaching staff. The right coaches will not only help build your wrestlers’ technical skills, but also their character.


Tom Tanis started wrestling at the age of five. He placed second in the state of New Jersey in his junior and senior year .  He was a two-time NCAA Championship qualifier. After falling short at the 2001 NCAA Championship, he battled back the following year, placing fourth at 184 pounds to become the University's first All-American in over 20 years.

Tim Hennessey


Started wrestling at the age of 7.  Won midget state titles, placed 3rd in the NJ HS State Tournament.  Earned a wrestling scholarship to Rutgers University where he was Captain of the Scarlet Knights Division 1 Wrestling Team.  He earned 4 varsity letters and earned most valuable and most dedicated awards. He helped coach his HS alma mater to an amazing 63 match win streak that included the #1 Team in New Jersey.......

Roman Perryman


Roman started wrestling at the age of 6. In Virginia, he was a high school State Champion(2007) and 4 year place winner at Robinson Secondary. He also won titles in freestyle and Greco. He went on to wrestle at West Virginia University where he was a 4 year letter, team captain, and big 12 runner up. He was a sports and exercise psychology major while competing.  

Vas Lahanas


Vas brings a stellar wrestling resume to the students at C2X.  He wrestled in New Jersey, which is one of the toughest wrestling states in the nation.  He was a NJ High School State Champion at Clifton High School  He earned a full Division 1 Wrestling scholarship to the University of Maryland.  During his years at College Park, he placed in several prestigious tournaments, placed 2nd in the ACC Championships and was an NCAA qualifier.  Vas brings skills that translate for both beginners and the most seasoned wrestlers.

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C2X Wrestling Academy

9364 Old Bailes Road, Fort Mill, SC 29707

Tel: 704.604.8388


Contact Us

9364 Old Bailes Road., Fort Mill, SC 29707

Tel: 704.604.8388

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